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White Escalade Stretch

Diamond Limo Fort Lauderdale brings to you the most lavish limousine in the market: The White Escalade Stretch. This luxury vehicle stands out from other limousines as it is stylish, appealing, and anything but simple. White Escalade Stretch has a dominating and commanding presence on the road. It has tremendous space inside, promising comfort if you...
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Black Escalade SUV

Diamond Limo Fort Lauderdale takes pride in offering the latest Cadillac Escalade SUV as part of its fleet. It is a marvelous piece of engineering as it comprises all the latest cutting-edge technology. That is why we recommend it to clients seeking one of the most advanced, comfortable and luxurious SUVs out there. The Escalade is...
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The Chevrolet Suburban

The Chevrolet Suburban is a mechanical masterpiece that is both a representation of modern day luxury and absolute comfort. When it comes to SUVs, this luxury vehicle tops other cars in this category and inspires other manufacturers to meet its standard. We have the latest version of the Suburban in our fleet. It boasts a tough...
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